Door Step Solution For Car Maintenance
 Auto Repair
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Company Introduction:

Why queue up at Car Workshops  when we come at your doorstep with our team of professionals!

Being the first doorstep car repair and maintenance service, we come to you with all of our experts who are professionally trained and well qualified.

5 most popular reasons why customers book CarFix services :

1. Time (or lack of it)
2. Selling – a well maintained car will increase the sale price
3. Buying – you save money by buying privately but you want it to look like you just drove it out of the showroom!
4. Holidays – picnics and long car journeys can be great fun if car is well maintained isn’t!

No matter what your reason is! CarFix is your car’s best bet!

Why Choose Us:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Latest Technology
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Fast Service
  • Cooperative and Trained Staff