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Alloy Rim

Avoid alloy at all cost, at this rim size you’ll only get Chinese which are heavy and unreliable. Wheels do affect the handling of vehicle. Your genuine steel rims are best.

Change tyres if you have to with good quality tyres. Save your alloy expense and invent in high quality tyres.

honda 2010Use it till it lasts then do assembly swap
try some other oil and drain on time
do not rebuild

Pakistan Road SignsBuy HIGHWAY CODE BOOK from some book store. You can also try to find it at Motorway training centreĀ  (They just start them to educate general public). One option is Traffic police office or Driving licence office. PDF version is available on internet.
rusty radiator carfix Always use a radiator anti-rust along with a radiator coolant. In Pakistan what one does is, switch off the engine, drain all the water from the radiator by unplugging the thermostat switch, re-plug the thermostat switch, top up the radiator with a radiator cleaner and wait for the period written in the instructions. After that drain the radiator again and put ample water into the radiator so that the chemical drains from the bottom of the radiator. Re-plug the radiator with the thermostat valve and fill it up with radiator coolant. Basically the radiator cleaner is sulphuric acid. You don’t run the engine when the radiator cleaning fluid is sitting in the radiator because if you do, it will damage the rubber seals of the water body (water pump) of the engine as running the engine will now give it access to the rubber seals of the water body.
Check your car manual or inside of the bonnet, there is must a sticker telling the exact grade of the engine oil. Regarding transmission oil check the dip stick that goes into gear box. usually it has the transmission oil details mentioned on it.
Audio SystemA Alpine pre with two rear speakers and two front small speakers are enough for Mehran. you can get all this stuff in total 10-20kk with installation.
Ceramic pro is a good option.
At this price range you’ll find

Honda City 2001 exi-s/

Honda Civic 2001 Exi/vti /

Indus Corolla 94-95 /


Toyota Yaris Price 2021The top of the chain Yaris 1.5 ATIV X CVT is now priced at Rs2. 999 million. The basic Yaris (GLI MT 1.3) will now be selling at Rs2. 51 million after a price hike of Rs160,000 since its launch in Pakistan
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